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Ad-ID/ISCI Requirements and Recommendations

Every commercial needs a unique name or identifier. The TV advertising industry first tried to standardize using the ISCI system. In 2007, ISCI was replaced by Ad-ID. YANGAROO uses both of these terms to denote the identifier of a commercial.

 These requiements and recommendations do not apply to DMDS.ME Portal users. Please refer to the guidelines for your portal.

Yangaroo Ad-ID/ISCI Requirements and Recommendations

  • Yangaroo suggests using a purchased Ad-ID.
  • Yangaroo strongly recommends following the naming conventions of an Ad-ID, even if you do not purchase an Ad-ID.
    • SD identifiers should be no longer than 11 characters.
    • HD identifiers should be no longer than 12 characters.
    • HD identifiers should end in an H.
  • Identifiers must not contain special characters. Do not include spaces, hyphens or dashes (-), or any other punctuation in your identifiers, even if if they are included in the traffic instructions.
  • Identifiers must only use upper case letters and numbers. Do not use lower case letters. 

 It is your responsibility as a sender to ensure that your intended delivery destinations will accept spots with identifiers that do not follow the Ad-ID convention if you choose not to follow those conventions. You may be responsible for additional delivery charges if a destination rejects a spot that does not meet their requirements.

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