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Altice Media Sales Portal Ad-ID/ISCI Requirements and Recommendations

Every commercial needs a unique name or identifier. The TV advertising industry first tried to standardize using the ISCI system. In 2007, ISCI was replaced by Ad-ID. YANGAROO uses both of these terms to denote the identifier or a commercial.

 These requiements and recommendations only apply to users of the following DMDS.ME Portals. If you are not a user of one of these portals, please refer to the YANGAROO Ad-ID/ISCI Requirements and Recommendations.

  • Cablevision Media Sales (Cablevision Local)
  • New York Interconnect (NYI)
  • News 12

Altice Ad-ID/ISCI Requirements and Recommendations

  • SD identifiers must be no longer than 11 characters.
  • HD identifiers must be no longer than 12 characters.
  • HD identifiers must end in an H.
  • Identifiers must not contain special characters. Do not include spaces, hyphens or dashes (-), or any other punctuation in your identifiers, even if if they are included in the traffic instructions.
  • Identifiers must only use upper case letters and numbers. Do not use lower case letters. 

 If you do not adhere to these guidelines, your spot will fail quality control. You will need to re-upload your spot with an Ad-ID/ISCI that meets all of the requirements and this may result in delays delivering your spot to Cablevision.

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