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Release Notes: DMDS Advertising 5.39


This document contains the release notes for YANGAROO DMDS Advertising version 5.39. The following sections describe the release in detail and provide information that supplements the main documentation. This upgrade release introduces some new features and improves the quality, reliability, and performance of DMDS.

What's New

DMDS has an improved order creation process designed to help you deliver your spots efficiently and accurately.

Order or Group Order?

Whether your order has one spot going to one destination, several spots all going to the same destination, or different spots going to different destinations, you can accomplish all of that with one DMDS Order. You don’t have to choose between a basic or group order before you start.

Order Workflow

Say goodbye to tabs and forgetting all the steps in a delivery order. Now, DMDS will walk you through creating your delivery order, step-by-step. Begin by entering the required order name and brand information. Choose the order type and whether or not you are sending traffic with the media.

Next, add optional order details, select or upload media, select destinations, optionally divide your media and destinations into groups or add traffic, and review your order before sending. Move through the process by using the Next Section or Previous Section buttons.

Helpful Reminders

We know that it can be tough to remember everything DMDS is capable of when creating an order. You can now get helpful reminders of what fields and icons mean by hovering your mouse over it.

Save Often

Preparing your order can take time and you may not have all the information you need when you start. DMDS now saves your order each time you move to a new section and you can manually save any time you want. You may need to clear up errors before saving, but DMDS will help you with that.

Be Efficient

Time is money and you need to send your orders as quickly as you can. DMDS has improved tools to help you keep moving. When working on destinations, groups, or traffic, you can apply filters and searches to show only what you still need to work on.

DMDS defaults to Match Destination, our intelligent destination search tool. You can type or paste a spreadsheet column of network names, call letters, syndicated shows, or any other destination that Yangaroo delivers to and DMDS will find the right destination. If there is no match or multiple matches, DMDS will help you narrow in on the destination you need. Saving and using custom lists of destinations is also now easier than ever.

Group Improvements

After the introduction of Group Orders last year, Yangaroo has listened to your feedback. Besides only having one type of order, DMDS has improved tools for working with groups. You can now enter a customized name for each group on an order. If you make a mistake or otherwise need to change a group, you can edit it by adding or removing media and destinations from the group easily, all without having to delete the group.

New Features

There are no new features available in this release, but see What’s New for information on the improvements to DMDS order creation.

Compatibility Changes

This section describes all of the changes that affect the compatibility of DMDS with other processes and systems.


The following high-level changes have been made to the DMDS API. If you would like additional information on these changes or would like more information on integration with the DMDS API, please contact YANGAROO Ad Support.

  • You will no longer receive error messages when an asset is not yet available. 
  • You will no longer receive the verbose metadata error messaging (e.g., missing SOM, EOM, LOM, Title, Brand, or Frame Rate) for video assets.
  • A missing or unmatched destination will change from a warning to an error.
  • Media will be sent when available by default (instead of waiting for all assets on an order) unless you specify otherwise.
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