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Uploading Media with Windows 10

The recent release of Windows 10 has made available the new Microsoft Edge browser, which comes on all installations as the default browser of the newest Windows system. Currently, Windows 10 users will not be able to use the Microsoft Edge web browser to upload media to DMDS as the browser does not yet support the necessary plugin.

Windows 10 users can use any other supported browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, to upload media to DMDS. You may use Edge for other functions in DMDS.

All installations of Windows 10 come bundled with Internet Explorer 11, with which you can upload media to DMDS. You can launch IE 11 by clicking the Start button and typing Internet Explorer into the search box. You can also launch IE 11 from the Edge browser. Click the icon of the three dots on the top right bar and select Open with Internet Explorer.

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