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I have the latest version of Aspera installed, but I still can't upload. Help!

We have seen instances where web browsers fail to start the Aspera Connect plugin, even though it is properly installed and up to date. You can manually start Aspera before launching your browser to work around this issue. Follow the steps below for the workaround.

  1. Close your web browser.
  2. Launch Aspera Connect.
    • On a PC: Start > Programs > Aspera Connect or %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Programs\Aspera\Aspera Connect\bin\asperaconnect.exe
    • On a Mac: Macintosh HD > Applications > Aspera Connect or Macintosh HD > Users > home_directory > Applications >Aspera Connect
  3. Restart your web browser and upload your media.


Alternatively, you can upload your spots through our drop site:

1. Navigate to

2. Log in with your DMDS credentials

3. Drag and drop or select your files to upload. 

4. Enter the requested metadata and click on Upload.


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